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Thread: Robert Middleton - Action Plan Toolkit - [MP3 + PDF + DOC + GIF]

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    Robert Middleton - Action Plan Toolkit - [MP3 + PDF + DOC + GIF]

    Robert Middleton - Action Plan Toolkit - [MP3 + PDF + DOC + GIF]

    Action Plan Toolkit

    BONUS for Multi-Product GB

    Putting Your Marketing Plans into Action

    Are you struggling to implement your marketing plan?

    Over the past twenty years of working with Independent Professionals, I may have gotten more questions about how to actually put marketing ideas into action than questions about specific marketing strategies and tactics.

    I found that the questions fell into five broad categories:

    1. What should I do in the first place?
    How do you set realistic, motivating marketing goals? How can you tap into your desire to do something big with your business (but that you just don't get around to)? Is it really possible to live your vision or should you settle for something less?
    2. How do I handle resistance?
    Do you experience any of these resistant thoughts about marketing yourself? "I don't know how to do this, I'm not good at marketing, I might make a fool of myself, I don't have time." What if you could neutralize this resistance completely and permanently?

    3. How do I come up with good ideas?
    Where do good marketing ideas come from? How do you generate a constant stream of good ideas that will actually attract more clients? Wouldn't you like a simple, proven technique for coming up with all the marketing ideas you'll ever need?

    4. How do I create a workable plan?
    What kind of plan virtually guarantees marketing success? It can be difficult to turn ideas into a workable plan or blueprint that not only looks good on paper but produces consistent results. Would you like to learn a time-tested format for creating perfect marketing action plans?

    5. How do I fit marketing into my schedule?
    For many this is the biggest barrier of all - time. There never seems to be enough of it - certainly not enough to implement marketing activities on a regular basis. Can you imagine the impact a foolproof system for fitting in marketing activities would have on your business?

    Are you struggling with these issues? Then read on...

    If you had answers to all of the above questions, marketing would be easy, wouldn't it? Just think what it would be like if none of these issues stopped you anymore. What if...

    • You found it easy to develop realistic, achievable and motivating goals for your marketing and your business...
    • You had little resistance to doing any marketing activity. In fact you saw marketing as a game, not an ordeal...

    • You were adept at generating more business and marketing ideas than you could possibly put into action...

    • You took those ideas and quickly put them into viable plans that were easy to follow and implement...

    • You easily found time on your schedule to put these plans into action and start attracting new clients.

    I just wanted to send you a heart felt thank you. Your materials had been on my desk for months without any progress until I got your Action Plan ToolKit. It's completely transformed my business approach and thinking. I sent the 1st issue of my newsletter last week, and I've already generated 2 very strong leads. The processes in the ToolKit have also helped me to get other client projects moving again. Thank You!

    Jim Eaton
    James Eaton Design

    The Action Plan ToolKit and how it came about

    Most of my work has centered on the nuts and bolts of marketing. I've spent years working on actual marketing principles and strategies. People have taken these ideas and run with them. They've read my InfoGuru Manual or attended a workshop or Marketing Action Group and applied these ideas with great results.
    But what always nagged at me were the number of people who didn't apply these ideas. I knew these marketing strategies worked, it's just that many people had problems getting themselves to work the strategies. In other words, somewhere along the way they got stuck and gave up.

    Several years ago I launched a crusade to figure out how to help my clients get unstuck. It's been a long and interesting road! On the way I've purchased and read as many books on 'personal development' as I've read on marketing. I've attended workshops and seminars, belonged to mastermind groups and tested a lot of things that didn't work - and a few that did.

    Long ago I made a commitment that I would never teach anything I hadn't mastered myself. So when I taught my clients some of the strategies I'd learned for getting unstuck and implementing plans, I tested them on myself first. And in many cases they created breakthrough results. But I kept looking for even more powerful ideas (and I found them).

    Just a few months ago, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. The approach I learned was quite a revelation to me. I refined this approach and turned it into a deceptively simple technique. And then the model was complete - a Five Step System that addresses each of the primary issues that keep Independent Professionals from putting their marketing into action.

    With the Action Plan ToolKit I'm beginning to receive the clarity I'd hope for. I'm working through according to the plan in the manner you suggest.

    What impresses me most thus far is how easy it is to disarm and diffuse the power that negative intentions potentially hold when we're able to see them for what they really are...false beliefs.

    Funny, I've taken more action (the two areas I'm concentrating on: writing a memoir and building my ezine list) in the past three days than I have in months. I know that it's due to no longer being held to my negative intentions concerning those two areas.

    Thanks again for such a powerful and authentic program.

    Barry Morris

    How I created the ToolKit

    I started to teach this system to people in my Marketing Action Groups and I immediately saw a change. People started to get more excited about their marketing. They were generating more ideas. They were getting stuck less. They were producing more results.
    And that got me excited as well. I had been thinking of launching a new online program for several months, but when this system finally fell into place, I knew the ideal format to get it out to the most people and produce the greatest possible impact.

    I called Bill Metcalf, the partner on my last program, The Web Site ToolKit, and asked him to work through the program with me. I would explain the Five Steps of the system and actually have him apply it. And we'd record it all. Bill readily agreed. I put together all the materials for the Five Steps or Modules and then recorded the Audio Tutorials with Bill as my able collaborator.

    What we created was more than I had hoped for. Bill not only interviewed me, he became an eager participant and dived into the material, applying it to a marketing goal that he had been unable to get going. By the end of our sessions together Bill had a clear idea and plan and was already putting it into action. Not only that, most (if not all) of his resistance to making it happen had disappeared completely!

    And every single minute (over five hours) of this was recorded and then organized into the Five Modules of the Action Plan ToolKit. What we emerged with was a complete guide and Audio Tutorial to getting unstuck and putting your marketing ideas into action.

    I had to email you and tell you about the wonderful results I have had since acquiring the Action Plan ToolKit. Since my purchase a few months ago, my business is definitely on the upside for acquisition of new clients. The intention worksheet is probably the secret weapon--at least for me. I fill this out the night before, and then plan for a positive outcome. Calling client prospects is actually becoming fun. (Actually, the whole process is fun.) I am getting more and more appointments where before it just seemed impossible. And then this manifestation experiment I employed in the form of an intention: Since Jan 2006, I have received $140,000 in unexpected income!! How's that for a positive intended outcome?

    I just finished reviewing the modules again. Thanks so much for this wonderful tool.

    Marlene Linders
    President and CEO
    Philders Group Healthcare LLC

    Here is what it contains and how it is structured:

    The Action Plan ToolKit consists of five main Modules. Each of these Modules contains an Audio Tutorial and written Guidlines in a pdf file. All Modules include a Worksheet for specific exercises. And it's easy to use. You just listen to and read each Module one step at a time.

    Module 1 - Creating Clear Intentions
    This is a new system for setting goals. You have not seen this before. I show you how to create an "anatomy of an intention" that makes it crystal clear both what you want and what's in the way of getting it.
    Module 2 - Working With Negative Intentions
    Learning how to work with your resistance to marketing is the most powerful Module of this program. What if your resistance was no longer an issue? It won't be after you do this exercise.

    Module 3 - Purposes, Goals and Brainstorming
    Generating good ideas might sound hard to you. You don't have to be a creative genius to come up with marketing ideas. I'll show you exactly how to do it.

    Module 4 - Creating a Marketing Action Plan
    This is the centerpiece of the program. Virtually nobody uses a structured planning process. And as a result they don't get consistent results. You'll learn how to plan with a simple 'fill-it-in' template.

    Module 5 - Managing Time and Projects
    Something new in time management? Yes! I'll explain very succinctly how you can make more happen by doing less. You can reduce overwhelm and focus on what's important - every day.

    I've completed Module one and I'm getting into Module two. I have to say that so far this is one the best things I've ever purchased off the internet. I shared the one exercise with a professional friend of mine and you should have seen the lights go on in his eyes as he saw how he was blocking his own progress. Your Action Plan ToolKit is a very wise investment for anyone serious about making changes.

    Larry Arrance
    Author/Coach/Workshop Facilitator

    These four additional Modules will support you even more in helping you put your marketing into action.

    Module 6 - Support Systems
    I've included a Support Forum where you can exchange ideas and also team up with others to offer support and accountability. In addition you get a "Troubleshooting Guide" that explains what to do if you get stuck and a "Mastermind Group Guide."
    Module 7 - Recommended Books
    I've read over 600 books on marketing, business and personal development. I narrow it down to about a dozen potent books - all you really need for your marketing and motivation library.

    Module 8 - Valuable Resources
    Where else can you get good ideas to help you turn your business dreams into reality? I list about a dozen excellent resources you can tap into on the web.

    Module 9 - Coaches
    I'll be adding a list of coaches familiar with my approaches who can give you hands-on help if you need it.

    The price for all of this is only $79. I wanted to price the Action Plan ToolKit (like all my other products) so people would say, "Why are you selling it for so little? It's certainly worth a lot more!" I don't want price to get in the way of people taking advantage of the ToolKit and getting the kind of breakthrough results that are possible by using it.


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    Re: Robert Middleton - Action Plan Toolkit - [MP3 + PDF + DOC + GIF]

    This one sounds promising. You can have all the strategies and tactics in the world but not putting them in action will lead you no where

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    Re: Robert Middleton - Action Plan Toolkit - [MP3 + PDF + DOC + GIF]


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    Thanks , the mulitupload rapidshare downloads are still working whereass the hotfile and rapidshare links are dead
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    rapidshare links worked for me...

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