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Grab The Private Label Rights To 15 Brand New On-Screen, Step-By-Step Expert Graphics Videos
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If you had been marketing online for at least a few months, then you've probably figured by now that one of the best ways to create a reliable stream of income online is to have your own products.

With your own product, you can:

Sell at any price you want
Build your own brand
Have flexible control over the sales funnel, and
Start your own affiliate program and recruit other people to promote you (which means, you can make even more money leveraging on an army of affiliates!)

That's why I love selling information or digital-based products. They are virtual in nature, which means I can sell an UNLIMITED number of copies and keep my profit margins high!

But There Is A Problem. A BIG Problem...

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Firstly, you need to create the product itself. Not everyone is cut out for this. Even if you have the skill, is it wise to spend days, weeks... maybe months of hard work just creating your product?

Many of the marketing experts you know outsource their product creation to someone else.

This is a smart move -- it's just that it is costly too.

Not everyone has thousands of dollars laying around.

Worse, if you neglect to do your research you might end up creating a product NOBODY wants!

That's Not All...

You have to write copy...

You have to design your own marketing materials...

You have to make your own follow-up sequence...

... The list goes on.

No wonder most people take forever to get started!
How Would You Like Us To Help You Overcome All These Hurdles - Instantly?

Hey it's Edmund here. I've been making a living online selling information products and software since 2005.

Joining me is June Ashley, a successful Graphics marketer and my partner in this project.

It is her success in creating a six-figure per year business selling Graphics and demand for this skill that inspired the creation of these videos.

Some Eye-Opening Stats...
Conclusion: There Is Absolutely, Certainly Demand For Graphic Design Skills... And It's Growing Every Year!

Whether people learn graphic design to earn a living or as a hobby, there is not only demand for this skill...

It's growing and will always be here to stay.

15 High Quality On-Screen, Step-By-Step MP4 Video Tutorials With Private Label Rights!

We recorded a series of 15 step-by-step, on-screen tutorial on how anyone can use Photoshop and GIMP to create Graphics.

These videos were created with end users in mind: anyone who wants to learn how to create their own Graphics - be it for own use or create sellable, marketable Graphics.

With these videos, you don't have to record your own (or even be an Expert yourself) - you only need to start reselling these!
Let's Take A Detailed Look Inside This Package...
Component #1: 15 High Quality, On-Screen Video Tutorials

You get the video version of this training course, which in itself can be a potential middle or big ticket offer - if you choose to sell it and position it so!

The video series is recorded in 1920x1080 px resolution and voiced over by a professional American voice over marketing we hired and paid big money to ensure you got the absolute best quality training and education.

Whether you want to resell as it is OR take one step further by rebranding these videos, these MP4 videos are yours!
Here's The Full Video List

Photoshop: Creating A New Document
Photoshop: Common Selection Tools And Uses
Photoshop: File Types And Modes
Photoshop: Cropping Resizing And Resolution
Photoshop: Working With Layers
Photoshop: Layer Blending Modes
Photoshop: The Text Tool
Photoshop: Glowing Text Effect
Photoshop: Gold Text Effect
GIMP: Getting Started With GIMP
GIMP: Create Save And Export Images
GIMP: Resize Crop Rotate And Flip Images
GIMP: Introduction To Layers
GIMP: Selection Tools
GIMP: Paint Tools

icon-transcriptAnd you'd be delighted to know, we're also including our original transcript to every video we've recorded. So if for any reason, you prefer to do your own voice overs for these videos - you have a transcript you can just read and record!


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