Richard Johnson HMA Consulting Training Full Complete
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Genre: Net Business / Marketing / Traffic

The HMA Consulting Training System (Richard Johnson)
16 DVD's (each DVD broken into individual AVI chapters)
10 PDF Course Manuals
9 MP3's ("Is the Marketing Consulting Business Right For You")
7 Bonus PDF's ("7 Steps To A Lot More Sales")

Pack #1
Live (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training DVD #1
Same title DVD #2
Same title DVD#3
Same title DVD#4
Same title DVD#5
Same title DVD#6

Pack #2
Group Training
Power Point Introduction HMA Overview - Foundation, Results, & Impact of the HMA System DVD #1
How to Uncovering Your Unique Selling Proposition For a Lot More Sales!

Integrating The USP For A Lot More Sales DVD#3Sales Training Sales Training Workshop DVD#4
Customer Relationship Marketing For a Lot More Sales DVD#5
Strategic Marketing Alliances For a Lot More Sales DVD#6
Custom Advertising For A Lot more Sales DVD#7
Community Relations For a Lot More Sales DVD#8
One-to-One Marketing For a Lot More Sales DVD#9
Internet Marketing For a Lot More Sales DVD#10

Pack #3
How To Get Your First Client Before Becoming An HMA Marketing Consultant

What You Get And Risk When You Say Yes To The HMA Consultating System
Consultants Case Study CD#3
Why Consider The HMA System Over Others Programs CD#4
Important Facts to Consider About The HMA Marketing Consulting System Part One CD#5
Same title Part 2 CD#6
An Advanced Study Of Market Demand For Marketing Consultants
Are You Tired Of Reading Restaurant Menu From Right to Left?
How I Got My First Paying Client As An HMA Marketing Consultant
Six Case Studies CD#9
Booklets - 7 Steps to a Lot More Sales
Step One - 35 Pages - Uncover Your Unique Selling Proposition For a Lot More Sales
Step Two - 16 Pages - Integrating the USP For a Lot More Sales
Step Three - 26 Pages - Database Marketing For a Lot More Sales
Step Four - 16 Pages - Strategic Marketing Alliances
Step Five - 36 Pages - Custom Advertising
Step Six - 14 Pages - Community Relations/PR For a Lot More Sales
Step Seven - 41 Pages - One-to-One Direct Marketing For a Lot More Sales
Bonus Step - 16 Pages - Internet Marketing - Is Your Website Making Enough Sales?
3-Ring Binders - 21st Century Marketing System
Volume One - 43 Pages - Foundation
Volume Two - Estimated 200 Pages - How to Successfully Grow Your Consulting Practice
Volume Three - 57 Pages - Determine a Business USP
Volume Four - Estimated 150 Pages - Leverging Current Marketing For Increased Revenue and Profits
Volume Five - Increasing Revenue and Profits by Repeat Purchases
Volume Six - 134 Pages - Marketing Alliances
Volume Seven - 51 Pages - Alliance Marketing
Volume Eight - 23 Pages - Community Marketing
Volume Nine - 92 Pages - Direct Marketing
Volume Ten - Estimate 350 Pages - Internet Marketing New, Just Added!
Extra Pages - 56 Pages - Pillar #8 - Internet Marketing - Can All My Business Done Off Line be
Done On Line?

MP3 (RIP) - Richard Johnson - 3 Day Event - Marketing Consultant Certification


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