Sketchbook Pro 7 - Drawing MADE EASY

Go from paper and pencil to digital illustration with Sketchbook Pro 7

This course is going to be continually updated with more and more content upon request In this course you will quickly understand the drawing tools of Sketchbook Pro and start drawing today! This course is no-fluff, straight to the point to show you exactly how Sketchbook Pro works Materials you will need: A drawing tablet A copy or trial of Sketchbook Pro You will learn: How to use the pencil and airbrush tool to start drawing and adding color How to use fast techniques for adding color: such as highlights and shadow to your drawing The layers palette and how it works To easily start drawing with customizable and easy to use drawing tools How to set up your drawing canvas for recommended drawing and resolution size How to quickly incorporate your own drawing style using the software …and much more!

What are the requirements?

Before starting the course you should have a trial version or copy of Sketchbook Pro
Make sure to have a drawing tablet (does not need to be expensive)
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 7 lectures and 49 mins of content!
Quickly color in artwork and bring it to life!
Know the in’s and out’s of Sketchbook Pro!
Learn how easy it is to draw in Sketchbook Pro 7!
What is the target audience?

Those wanting to try something simpler than Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw but still get awesome results!
This course is meant for ‘new’ and ‘seasoned’ users of digital illustration software wanting to find something new
Veterans and Professionals should not take this course as the course itself does teach drawing techniques but how to apply your techniques