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Thread: Where can i find info about hemp oil?

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    Where can i find info about hemp oil?

    Who has ever seen any reliable information about hemp oil, could you share it with me, please? I must do a test work about the usage of this oil in medicine. Still the information I've found is quite contraversial. F.e. here it's said that hemp oil is totally harmless But I really doubt that. So I need your help, please. The work must be done within five days.

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    google hemp oil clinical trials or hemp oil scientific studies in the first day. good luck!

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    You can find a lot of info from searching Google.

    I've been doing a bit of research on this subject lately for a family member who has a lot of pain.

    While there are no human studies done, it is suspected that hemp oil increases the metabolism of pharmaceutical medicines in general.

    Also, it's not really "hemp oil". It is CBD Oil. The oil can come from hemp or from marijuana. Some oils have no THC in them and are completely legal in the US.

    CBD oil is supposed to be quite beneficial to many forms of pain, particularly pain from MS.

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