Magnetic Memory Method Podcast - Anthony Metivier

The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast is your portal to creating Memory Palaces and using mnemonics for memorizing foreign language vocabulary (and a lot of other precious information too). Hosted by Anthony Metivier, the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary in a way that is easy, elegant, effective and fun.

This podcast is an awesome resource with all the other things Anthony Metivier has to offer. After listening the most controversial language technique in the world , I've learned that it is actually good to be open to different types of memory techniques, and why it is important to go to actual libraries and bookstores since there is only about less than 15% of written material such as books, magazines, and etc. available online. I will keep on developing memory using the Magnetic Memory Method for memorizing vocabulary and whatever else I need to remember. Being a Udemy student of both Anthony and Jonathan Levi, it was great listening to their approaches on memory, and how different approaches lead to the ultimate goal of having a good memory. This podcast is a great and I recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their memory.

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