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Thread: Kevin Hogan - Persuasion Protocol

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    Kevin Hogan - Persuasion Protocol

    Kevin Hogan - Persuasion Protocol

    Before you open your mouth and utter one word.... Before your body language hits their nonconscious....

    The Persuasion Protocol by Kevin Hogan" Every Interaction in the Real World or Online, How Would Your Life Be Different If People Were Desperate to Instantly Say 'Yes' to You?"
    Automatic Compliance is Yours

    Automatic Compliance is the stuff of science fiction. It simply sounds too good (too scary) to be true...
    It seems instantly unreasonable that you could have the same (more precisely: similar) effect on that person... over there... as say, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, or Kim Kardashian would.

    Humans are neurobiologically wired to react INSTANTLY to TWO specific Flash Perceptions when they see anyone.

    Instant In-Group Recognition: Triggering, "All is Safe and Secure, Allow Entrance, Interactions Are to My Benefit."

    Attractiveness: (which triggers one of these) "I want them. I want to be seen with them. I want to be seen and liked by them. I want to be near them. I want them to want to be near me."

    IF you don't generate that instant flash, reactance and resistance occur and the most likely response is always. "No."

    Certainty is Yours

    Until TODAY, literally, no one has ever released a program, a book, a manual, a one has shown you anything ever that, "generates the Automatic First Reaction of Certainty, which yields, "yes, come in, I am comfortable with you, I feel like I've known you forever and I'm open to pretty much anything."


    Because until the last decade there were 100 pieces of research about attractiveness and liking compared to every 1 piece of research on generating instant calm, security, comfort and connection.

    In the last few years this has begun to change because of major technological advances in neurobiology and nonconscious and subliminal stimulation. Yet nothing shows the individual, the salesperson, sales letter writer, the marketer, even the PUA how to assemble The Five Elements into one workable easy to use method...The Persuasion Protocol.

    The two nonconscious neural responses are DIFFERENT from each other. They accomplish the same crucial result. They open the door to agreement and compliance. The benefit of their certainty reaction is that it doesn't operate if there is reactance or resistance. The negative reactant response is far and away the most common, and only attractiveness counters it in a fashion similar to that of certainty.

    You'll learn how that happens and how to make it real in the program.

    For the first time ever, you are on the same playing field as the wickedly good looking guy or gal who gets the majority of the sales.

    That was my goal in creating this program for you.

    It has been accomplished....

    The Persuasion Protocol: The Five Elements
    The Fifth Element

    The Persuasion Protocol takes you through an elegant step-by-step method of gaining compliance from almost anyone you could ever imagine wanting to say "yes" to you. It's unlike anything you've ever seen or experienced before.

    Unlike any program ever developed in the field of influence and persuasion or selling, you will begin by making your Self almost impossible to say "no"

    Persuasion begins before you walk in the door.

    The actual process of persuasion begins long before you meet the girl or have an appointment with the buyer. Persuading those who come to your website begins before they arrive at your website.

    "Are you talking about preparing for the sale? I know about that..." was 1997.

    "Are you talking about making yourself look as attractive as you can?" The Persuasion Protocol transcends attractiveness.

    But don't get me wrong. If you look like Angelina or will have a double advantage. If you are like anyone else, you simply have the only single advantage you would ever need or want.

    The First Element
    I've spent the last 17 months scouring crucial neuroscience research, poring through consumer, marketing and behavioral findings so that you can have a complete "package" that people instantly say "yes" to *before* that first impression.

    Understand...while your mastery of body language and nonverbal communication are important, it is secondary and not as important by comparison to your preparing THEIR BRAIN to instantly opt to comply with you upon first sight and communication.

    ...sounds like magic to me...but I promise it's not.

    It's also *not* instantly easy and "fast." It IS something you can accomplish. It is something you MUST accomplish.

    I'll spare you the scientific jargon and say it this way:

    People have prior experience with thousands of people. They have interactions with people who they live(d) with whom they have spent a great deal of time. Those experiences each are very different and when presented with a similar moment in time, the parts of the brain that reacted to similar situations in the past arise instantly in the present ready to solve the problems and fight the fights of the past.

    And that is the problem.

    Before people see you, your website, or even know you exist, they are 100% prepared for who you are *not* going to be after you have completed this program.

    I've developed a very simple process that requires 19 days to complete. It will permanently change how people will react and respond to you in the situations they would have said, "no" in the past.

    The problem you face is that people paint a picture of you as if you are a mirror reflection of their past experience.

    Upon meeting you or arriving at your website, it is Mission Critical to have that reflection CHANGED to a picture of a gestalt of those they have complied with in the past.

    This seemingly Herculean task, assuming they are undistracted, must take place in approximately one second.

    The first two discs of this program cover quite a bit of persuasive territory. The first core experience is for you to intentionally create a few micro-tweaks in how you will trigger reactions in other people on sight and then later in conversation or in text.

    Would people instantly react differently to you if they saw you as Brad Pitt, Lucy Pinder, Angelina Jolie, Kat Dennings, Jessica Alba?

    It's a different set of highways in the brain, but for the purpose of this moment, go with that.

    Their brain is simply wired "this way."


    They would be mentally prepared to comply or agree to pretty much anything you ask them.



    I can't make you look like Brad....I can't make ME look like Brad...

    Doesn't matter.

    There is another way...

    This initial trigger is crucial or they will react to you in such a way that is similar to:

    a) how you have triggered people in the past

    b) how they have perceived people, now gestalted into "you," in similar situations in the past...even if they've never met you, heard you speak, been to your website or had a clue you were alive.

    I will show you *precisely* how to take the video recording of your life and change the few crucial pieces where other people were triggered to say "no" to you in such a way that those experiences are no longer reflected in your personality, persona, your face or even your body language. As you guessed, this has nothing to do with making changes in body language. This is changing a few tiny little pieces of you that trigger mirror neurons to react in others.

    This is not a bogus NLP "technique" that never got tested. This shifting mechanism was trial and errored until the right solution was discovered in testing. In other words, this is real.

    Where you currently have success in influencing others, you make no changes. In these situations your current beliefs, certainties and behaviors are already effective.

    Where you haven't been ideally successful with persuasion, you will excise a few pieces of your life video recording so that you send a custom designed message with greater likelihood for others to say "yes," to you. Isolating the specific points to shift is not difficult and the process is fairly simple.

    Warning: This is not like Instant Coffee. It takes effort. But, once the change is made, it's permanent.

    The result is that you'll see most people and their likely response to you through a lens of high certainty and reduce internal triggers to move away from you to almost nil.

    You now begin to shape all people who you come across in the way you choose instead of default, which is indeed a fault.

    The Second Element

    The Protocol for effective and rapid persuasion flows fluidly, easily and obviously to the Second Element.

    Here you learn to control the time constructs each person has as it relates to their being persuaded by you. You must choose precisely when you are going to approach, meet, ask for the date or have people arrive at your website. The arrival time is crucial and you can pre-determine whether you are virtually certain to gain compliance or not quite easily BEFORE you enter their space.

    The Second Element is not limited to "what time is it," but "what day is it," "what date is it," "what month is it," and how you account for the differences in how they will react to you on each of those specific days, hours, weeks and months. Once you learn to utilize this one very easy to grasp tool, you will never be seen quite the same.

    Their reaction to you and their compliance or not, is much more than about your "first impression" or your what you say. It's about a very specific individual with a specific mindset interacting with you at an absolutely optimum time.

    I've left nothing to chance here. I've put the factors of the Second Element together into a template and laid it out for you for an hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly schedule of how to optimize all of your interactions with brilliant timing intention.

    It's here that you'll be introduced to the unknown factor that stops persuasion cold and discover how to completely bypass it!

    I've only shown three corporations how to do this. I've never trained it in Boot Camp. No one else has put this into interactions, sales, one. This is brand new for you.

    The Third Element

    It is no coincidence that most of the successful online marketers have strong backgrounds in two specific and, frankly, not easy to master hypnosis models. Drawing from even simple but powerful hypnotic techniques has allowed marketers to target states of mind or subroutines within individuals to increase sales.

    But before you can use these techniques, you have to learn how to cause someone to be in a specific state of mind. Random doesn't work beyond random. Feeble attempts typically fail. Now you learn what...and how.

    Different "sub-selves" (the actual neurobiological term) are activated in different environments and in the presence of different people. This is why it is CRITICAL to make instant shifts in environment, location, people and triggers in the environment a key factor in The Third Element of The Persuasion Protocol.

    Equally as important is you being aware of how you are perceived at any moment of an interaction.

    The Passive Goal Guidance System
    Running Their Brain and Shifting Their Selves

    You can predict behavior when you recognize "the state," the part, that is forward in their brain.

    If your prediction is that compliance will fail, you CHANGE what part of them is forward until you can gain compliance.

    The first state or part will likely be forward until the Passive Goal Guidance System has met a tiny goal and switches out. Now you learn how to optimize the use of anyone's PGGS for Rapid Compliance.

    The Fourth Element

    Without question, the great marketing and sales discoveries of the last decade are those that give you applications to synchronize identities with another individual. This can be true in face to face communication, writing sales letters and direct's applicable to texting and social media.

    The Fourth Element is fusing bonds with their most secret identity.

    Without question The Greatest Marketing Study Ever Done allows you to see the results of connecting with that hidden identity. Ironically, no one has even remotely heard of this study inside the world of salespeople and marketers. Strange that you'll now possess the knowledge of what was discovered works in marketing...and what doesn't...and specific implementation points for you.

    50,000 people were involved in this study. A record. And you have the results.

    The Fifth Element

    Like the first four elements, The Fifth Element is new to your understanding of persuasion.

    Behavior Guidance and ComplianceDiscovering and then shifting their Identification Protocol is something no one has talked about in the real world. The reason is that it's one of those things no one wants to talk about.

    Causing people to do what you want to is very simple when you understand and work within their Identity as it intersects with yours.

    The Emotional Shift Protocol

    People's bias toward certain behaviors is very predictable.

    Example: The Optimistic individual meets their inner drive to maintain the Status Quo with behaviors that you can predict and control. These biases meet head on their bias toward over estimation creating frustration, anger and other emotions that can be remarkably valuable in the persuasion process if you know what to do with them...saving the best for last....

    The Great 21st Century Influence Study(s) Results are Yours - No one Else has them....

    The most important influence study of this century gives you specific actions to take to influence others. Then you learn precisely what not to do and how to use this in many different contexts. Absolutely brilliant in scope and magnitude with the side effect being that people report they don't even remember what caused them to behave differently!

    Join the files with Free-File-Splitter v5 & extract with WinRar
    Password: Golden_Plaza
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