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Thread: Ultimate Screen Recorder Software for Windows

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    Question Ultimate Screen Recorder Software for Windows

    Hello Guys! I'm looking for a reliable recording software that does not break the bank. There are so many screen capture tools that I feel a bit confused. I don't trust free programs because I'm afraid of malware etc. I compared the prices of variuos software, their features and functions. I have tried out few of them XSplit, Dxtory even Camtasia free version (unfortunalety my computer appeared to be not powerful enough for such a powerful machine) after some time of researching I came a cross a really nice screen recorder called Action!. It records really good videos, makes high quality screenshots, has built-in manager and simple, user friendly interface, few recording modes, LIVE streaming option with upload and export to popular destinations.. etc. here is more info All in all, it seems to be pretty impressive screen recorder, it does not lag my PC and actually I'm positively surprised with a video output quality. So the question is: Is there anyone who has some experience with this desktop recorder? I wish my trial version will last forever but I left only 2 days..

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    i record sometime with snagit, but I didn't try for longer than 20 min.

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