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Thread: Gary Halbert-Electronic Marketing Summit 1994

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    Gary Halbert-Electronic Marketing Summit 1994

    Gary Halbert-Electronic Marketing Summit 1994

    Some of the most Jealously Guarded Direct Marketing Success Secrets in the World!

    A long time ago, in the stone age before there way "The Internet", there was a marketing genius and legend named GARY HALBERT. Would be entrepreneurs and direct marketers flocked from around the World, paying Gary thousands of dollars to learn his secrets of how to sell stuff to people.

    It didn't matter what the stuff was. It could be face creams or vitamins. Real estate or antiques. Gold coins or a mail order newsletter. To Gary, selling was selling, and as long as you had the tools and knowledge, ANYONE could learn how to write MILLION DOLLAR SALES LETTERS.

    Dozens of today's richest online marketers and sellers will tell you they either got their start from Gary Halbert, or at some point LEARNED from him.

    The World lost Gary almost ten years ago. But some of his greatest seminars
    and teaching still survive on old VHS and cassette tapes. A few of Gary's work's have been skillfully restored and digitally transferred to today's streaming formats and are available online so that future generations may learn from Gary Halbert and his associates.

    Gary Halbert's
    "Marketing Masters Summit"

    24 Audio Programs

    Seminar Of The Century

    This "Direct Marketing Seminar of the Century" included world famous direct marketing experts JAY ABRAHAM, JOE SUGARMAN, MICHAEL GERBER, MARVIN STESSEL and host GARY HALBERT,along with dozens of other participants that paid over $6,000 to attend.

    This is an AMAZING audio seminar with over 40 hours of power
    packed information that will literally change the way you market!

    "Learn How To Make All The Money You Could Ever Desire"

    On day one, Gary sets the mark for this incredible event when he tells the audience, "When you leave here, you will have all the knowledge you will ever need to make all the money your little heart could ever desire" and that's exactly what happened.

    This core group of Mega Marketers share all of the amazing direct marketing secrets and strategies that have made them Millions of dollars over and over again.

    Here's just some of what is revealed:

    How To Get ALL The Leads And Customers You'll Ever Need.

    How To Get More New Customers Or Clients In One Month Than You Now Get All Year.

    How To Get Your Customers To Buy More Often, Increase The Dollar Amount
    Of Every Sales And Double Your Profits In Record Time.

    How To Turn All Your Ads And Sales Letters Into Powerful Cash Generators.

    How To Discover The Most Compelling Reasons People Will Buy Your Products. It Has Nothing To Do With Benefits.

    How To Turn Your Ideas Into A Million Dollars.

    How To Use Inexpensive Space Ad's To Make Millions of Dollars.

    As a student of Direct Marketing, I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years and have purchased just about every course imaginable. Nothing has come close to the “MARKETING MASTER’S SUMMIT” I would pay 10 times this amount!
    J. Barnes - Atlanta, GA

    All I can say is WOW! The Information in this seminar blew me away. Anyone that wants to succeed has to have this. Just the presentation's by Gary Halbert and Joe Sugarman are worth more than the cost!
    Carol Stuart - Endicott, NY

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    Can we get new Nitro links for these ones that have been removed?


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    Yeah, links are gone. Any chance of a re-up?


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