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Thread: Any Keith Cunningham

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    Any Keith Cunningham

    Anyone have any Keith J. Cunningham (Keith Cunningham) stuff?

    Keith J. Cunningham - How I Do Business

    Keith J. Cunningham - Keys to the Vault

    How I Do Business
    Keys to the Vault

    Classic Collection
    Ask Keith Interviews

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    Found These Great Videos of Keith

    I only found these through Tony's site but they are direct links from Youtube:

    Business Mastery 1 Day 3 (gets really interesting at 46 minutes): v=OJoJwXKZj3U
    Business Mastery 2 Day 3: v=Of_00XAfddo
    Business Mastery 2 Day 4: v=pEjbwTViD2o
    Special Video (start at about 16:00) : v=oELVx9RO_KE

    I have his Keys to the Vault book and his new one. I really enjoy his view on accounting.

    I was considering downloading "Keith J. Cunningham - How I do Business" from IMClibrary but I'm not sure they have the right to sell it for 5% of retail. Doesn't smell right but I can't find any info on whether the site is a scam. If anyone has experience with them please let me know.


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