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Thread: Glen Allsop – Marketing Inc V3 2016

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    Glen Allsop – Marketing Inc V3 2016

    Glen Allsop – Marketing Inc V3 2016

    Module #1: Strategy Potential

    The first module of Marketing Inc throws you right into the fun stuff with some incredible examples to show you why this is the business model for you…

    Case Study going from $60,000 to $2.4m in 24 months
    How to raise your rates and get paid like an expert (without yet being one)
    How to decide which industry to DOMINATE with your niche agency
    More than 100 hand-picked lucrative niche ideas
    A case study of one of our businesses ranking for highly profitable terms
    Daryl’s case study of making more than $10,000/m with our training

    Module #2: Mindset

    It’s not just about theory and tactics. You’ve got to get your headpsace right to have success as well…

    How to work smart instead of just working hard (we prefer the former)
    How to put goal-setting systems in place to achieve maximum results
    How to create a “success routine” in just 25 minutes per day
    Don’t stress: Ways to automate and streamline this entire business model

    Module #3: Rank & Sell SEO

    This module is for beginner and advanced SEO’s who want to learn how to sell SEO easily and actually provide great results for clients…

    A “jump start” guide to SEO & the power of links
    An in-depth guide to building private link networks
    Beginner to Advanced insights to ranking for local SEO
    Pricing models to adopt when attracting SEO clients
    Actual case studies (rankings included) of our local SEO success
    A checklist for the ultimate SEO strategy you can follow with ease

    Module #4: Finding & Closing Clients

    Now it’s time to make money! In module number four we show you how exactly we were able to genereate over $1.4m in 2015

    One page for your website which will give instant credibility
    A $21,000 launch case study with specific ad examples
    An unknown social network to drive hundreds of leads to your agency
    How to get people like me happily sending clients your way
    Actual people to outsource all of the work to
    60+ minutes of video of me entering a brand new industry
    Diggy’s strategy guide to you can put all of this together

    Bonus Modules

    Our bonus modules really do take our training to the next level…

    Exclusive interview with reality-TV star and millionaire Robin Kassner
    A technique to quadruple sales that works for any agency
    A case study by BPC on how he generated $42,760 in 90 days
    A case study by Joash on getting a $100,000 car in return for his services
    A 20+ minute video by Azzam on doing $14,000+/m
    A 90-day strategy checklist for changing your life with this model

    Over 100,000 Words & 14 HOURS of Video

    Marketing Inc is a full fledged package of everything you need to build your own highly profitable digital marketing agency. We leave nothing to question on your journey to success with this model.


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  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    Hey csaby,

    is it possible to have it on

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    Can anybody upload it on uploadgig, please?

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