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Thread: Dan Kennedy & Chip Kessler - Making Them Believe [ebook .pdf]

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    Dan Kennedy & Chip Kessler - Making Them Believe [ebook .pdf]

    Dan Kennedy & Chip Kessler - Making Them Believe [ebook .pdf]

    DR. JOHN BRINKLEY was, at one time, the wealthiest doctor of his time, undeniably the most Barnum-esque promoter in medicine in his time, vilified and prosecuted as a quack, praised as saint by the amazing number of men who flocked to him for his 'fountain of youth'---and by their wives. This book delves deeply into his TWENTY-ONE MARKETING PRINCIPLES, to provide a blueprint for adventurous advertising, marketing, promotion and personal promotion that can install a 'fountain of profits' in just about any business!  IF YOU’D LIKE TO---AND WOULD PROFIT FROM---making yourself or your business famous and magnetically attractive, locally or globally, this in-depth analysis of The Lost Secrets behind this amazing success story are for you!
    * Dynamic pathways to Maximum AUTHORITY---so that you are sought out and your 'prescriptions' accepted without question!
    * Two kinds of CLARITY essential for marketing success---missing from most businesses
    * THE question to ask yourself, that, when answered, dramatically multiplies the power of advertising and elevates you above all competition
    * The 3-Step Brinkley Blueprint for savvy use of media---the trap most businesspeople fall victim to 
    * A most radical, revolutionary change  to your entire approach to selling---why the sale delayed can be the sale more easily made!
    * The Brinkley Prescription for virtually unlimited PRICE ELASTICITY & the all-time, best-ever answer to any and every price objection
    * The Brinkley Secret to BEING ADMIRED---as means of attracting customers especially eager to do business with you
    INCLUDED: TRANSCRIPT of a Brinkley Radio Broadcast ...ARCHIVE EXAMPLES of actual Dr. Brinkley sales literature and sales copy from his advertising.
    PLUS, MONEYMAKING SECRETS & LESSONS FROM Napoleon Hill (author, Think and Grow Rich), Donald Trump, Martha Stewart,  Dr. Atkins,  Zig Ziglar , Dave Thomas (Wendy’s), and Avatar.
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    Do you still have this ebook

    do you still have this ebook by chance ?

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