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Thread: Richard Bandler - New 2013 CDs

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    Richard Bandler - New 2013 CDs

    New Richard Bandler CDs - Determined Resolved, Deeper State, Slow Down, Soothing Anxiety, Getting Smarter Series™ -
    Mental Clarity & A More Mathematical Mind

    Determined Resolved

    Neurosonic Personal Enhancement Series number Two. Learn Consciously and Unconsciously to make the changes that will be pervasive in all areas of your life. Be a force to become reckoned with. When you line up those two up states and drive them in the same direction, driven towards success. Its time to learn how to make those changes so that they stay with you for the rest of your life.

    Getting Smarter Series™ - Mental Clarity & A More Mathematical Mind

    Mental Clarity:

    Dr. Bandler guides you in building a machine into your mind to effortlessly convert problems into solutions. The most difficult of situations become no issue at all with the greatest of ease! No matter how young or old you are, you too can gain the Mental Clarity needed in this fast paced modern world.

    A More Mathematical Mind:

    "A more mathematical mind is a head full of numbers that move by themselves to solutions." - Dr. Richard Bandler

    Answers and equations become good friends with the help of Dr. Richard Bandler. The brain fog that comes from trying to solve mathematical problems can be swept away as you discover new ways to use your mind. Perfect for somebody trying to increase their math skills and even the advanced mathematician looking for that edge.

    Slow Down

    Slow down, and understand the process of thinking differently, using parts of your brain you may have never used before. Become a sharper person in your every day life when you slow down into a deep state of learning. Really slowing down. Trying things a little differently. When you think differently, you learn differently, take a deep breath and be ready for something new. Slow Down so that you can speed up the successes and enjoy life more!

    Deeper States

    Go into deeper states of consciousness, deeper than meditation or relaxation, maybe even deeper than the deepest state you have already entered if you practice self hypnosis. Learn something so important it might stay with you for the rest of your life, each time you go into a deep state you open a pin hole straight into the face of the divine. Its Time for something a little different.
    Duration: 34mn 54s

    Soothing Anxiety

    Add to your ability to control your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Build a better life and enjoy it more. Many people have come to Dr Bandler asking for help for Anxiety or stress. Even more so now that we know there is a relationship between Stress and health. As life gets more sophisiticated, we have learnerd to plan and look into the future more and with that sophistication, some have begun to also worry more. Learn something new and Reduce the amount of stress in your daily life.

    Please wear headphones when listening to these tracks.

    Thanks to Alex for sharing them.


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