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Thread: Maria Veloso - Web Copywriting University: Mastering the Art of Writing Web Copy That Sells

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    Maria Veloso - Web Copywriting University: Mastering the Art of Writing Web Copy That Sells

    - Mastering the Art of Writing Web Copy That Sells -

    Product Details:

    14 CD Rips (MP3)
    2 PDFs
    1 eBook (exe)


    "So You Want a Website That Sells?"

    Here are surefire strategies no one is telling you about...

    Why do some online businesses make money so easily on the Web -- while you try everything possible and get barely enough customers, sales and profits? What if there was a way you could convert 15%, 25% -- even 50% or more of your website visitors into customers, how much more money would you earn as a result?

    If you could read just one article about how to turn your website into an unstoppable selling machine, this is it. I dare you to read this entire article and not change the way you sell on the Web. ...


    "Fantastic, absolutely amazing! Maria, your ability to take the reader on a journey while presenting a carefully scripted sales pitch is absolutely amazing -- sheer art. The results speak for themselves ... my sales TRIPLED the very next day after I put up the web copy you wrote for my website and I've maintained at least a 200%-300% sales improvement over the previous average daily sales. Oh, and by the way, my opt-ins have improved by 35%!"

    -- Jeff Staniforth, Australia's Leading Motivational Expert,

    "Maria Veloso's copy is hypnotic and irresistible simply because she does her homework and knows her target markets better than anyone else. No wonder she outpulls other copywriters time after time. Maria is definitely one of the best-kept copywriting secrets on the Net. If you can afford her, hire her!"

    -- Alex Mandossian, Managing Director, Heritage Publishing House and publisher of Market with Postcards (tm) and The Marketing Minute E-Gram (tm)

    About The Author:

    Maria Veloso is the Director of Web Copywriting University, and is widely acknowledged as the leading expert in web copywriting. Celebrated by copywriting legends and marketing greats like Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) and Joe Sugarman (JS&A), this
    27-year veteran of copywriting and direct marketing has developed a unique model of direct-response web copywriting that has consistently been proven to sell a wide array of products and services on the Web.


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  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    any chance for speedyshare links?

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    Any chance to re upload this? to nitroflare ? thanks
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