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    Real Estate collection

    Massive Real Estate collection

    List of materials in the Real Estate field:

    Real Estate & Property DevelopAndrew McLean - Investing in Real Estate, 5th Edition.pdf pdf 6,305,801
    Azam Meo - Making Money in Real Estate with Bandit qt 490,270,992
    Carson Dunlop - Inspecting a House.pdf pdf 6,274,155
    Chantal Howell Carey - The All-New Real Estate Foreclosure, Short-Selling, Underwater book.pdf pdf 1,728,695
    Commercial Course Amalgamation June 07.pdf pdf 1,408,784
    Darryl Davis - How To Become a Power Agent in Real Estate.pdf pdf 2,699,853
    Darryl Davis - How to make $100K in your first year of real estate.pdf pdf 8,901,634
    David Finkel - The Real Estate Fast Track How to Create a $5,000 to $50,000 Per Month.pdf pdf 1,331,005
    David Reed - Mortgage Confidential What You Need to Know That Your Lender Won't Tell.pdf pdf 950,780
    DC Fawcett - Quick Tips IRA Private Money.flv flv 25,962,140
    Dirk Zeller - Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies.pdf pdf 3,525,027
    Dolf de Roos - Commercial Real Estate Investing.pdf pdf 2,883,538
    Dolf de Roos - The Insider’s Guide to Making Money in Real Estate.pdf pdf 2,514,269
    Don R.Campbell - Real Estate Investing in Canada 2.0.pdf pdf 1,408,984
    Frank McKinney - Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success.pdf pdf 1,818,532
    Gary Eldred - Make Money with Small Income Properties.pdf pdf 1,260,566
    Gary Eldred - Value Investing in Real Estate.pdf pdf 846,172
    Gary Keller - Shift How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times.mp3 mp3 117,317,614
    Gary Keller - SHIFT How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times.pdf pdf 2,152,760
    Gary Keller - The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.pdf pdf 9,396,069
    J.K. Lasser's Real Estate Investors Tax Edge.pdf pdf 3,712,050
    Jack Cummings - The Tax-Free Exchange Loophole.pdf pdf 2,068,977
    John McMahan - The Handbook of Commercial Real Estate Investing.pdf pdf 12,913,734
    Ken Roth - The Successful Landlord How to Make Money Without Making Yourself Nuts.pdf pdf 2,504,209
    Ken Roth - The Successful Landlord.pdf pdf 2,504,209
    Kenneth Rosen - Investing in Income Properties.pdf pdf 1,603,963
    Land Development Handbook.pdf pdf 29,870,456
    Larry Goins - Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading.pdf pdf 3,243,351
    LearningExpress Editors - Real Estate Sales Exam.pdf pdf 6,329,753
    Lisa Epstein - The 250 Questions Everyone Should Ask about Buying Foreclosures.pdf pdf 1,698,365
    Marcia Stewart - Every Landlord's Legal Guide, 8th Ed.pdf pdf 10,633,501
    Maria K. Davis - Accounting for Real Estate Transactions.pdf pdf 1,985,762
    Mark Bradley - X-Factor Real Estate Web 2.0 Secrets.pdf pdf 2,964,791
    Mark Evans - Sub2Magic.pdf pdf 898,397
    Mark Freeman - We Buy Houses.pdf pdf 1,159,710
    Mark Mousseau - 7 Secrets of Real Estate Millionares.avi avi 413,174,320
    Mark Warda - Essential Guide to Real Estate Contracts.pdf pdf 3,278,265
    Michael C. Thomsett - Getting Started in Rental Income.pdf pdf 1,307,677
    Michael Kimble - How I Flip Houses 200 Miles Away From My Home.flv flv 99,503,046
    Michael Thomsett - The Landlord's Financial Tool Kit.pdf pdf 3,500,095
    Mike Butler - Landlording on Auto-Pilot.pdf pdf 7,307,049
    Milt Tanzer - How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money Down and Minimum Risk.pdf pdf 577,567
    Peter Conti - Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit.pdf pdf 1,115,884
    Peter Conti - Making Big Money Investing in Real Estate.pdf pdf 1,516,627
    prospectgoldrush - short sale forms & contracts.pdf pdf 53,893,129
    Real Estate Development Made Easy Edition 2.pdf pdf 1,337,072
    Rex Miller - The Commercial Real Estate Revolution.pdf pdf 3,180,653
    Richard Roop-Power Profits.ISO ISO 3,672,932,352
    Robert Hill - What No One Ever Tells You About Investing in Real Estate.pdf pdf 2,777,756
    Robert Shemin - 40 Days to Success in Real Estate Investing.pdf pdf 2,129,407
    Robert Shemin - Secrets of Buying and Selling Real Estate.pdf pdf 1,701,955
    Roger Vaughn - The Complete Guide to Real Estate Principles.pdf pdf 4,095,382
    S. Medlik - The Business of Hotels.pdf pdf 1,801,936
    Sal Vannutini - Fixer-Upper Fortunes.pdf pdf 463,667
    Sean Carpenter - Government Deal Funding - Program Guide to Profits.pdf pdf 222,082
    Spencer Strauss - The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing.pdf pdf 2,041,895
    Stephen Hodgson - Modern Water Rights.pdf pdf 759,635
    Steve Bergsman - After the Fall.pdf pdf 3,084,591
    Steven P Mooney - Real Estate Math Demystified.pdf pdf 1,933,292
    Stuart Rider - Complete Idiot's Guide to Real Estate Investing.pdf pdf 5,595,169
    Terry Eilers - Real Estate Millions in Any Market.pdf pdf 20,049,440
    The Step-By-Step Manual For Training Virtual Assistants.pdf pdf 3,931,858
    Tracy Caywood - The Call Girl System.pdf pdf 537,204
    Wade Timmerson - Building Big Profits in Real Estate - A Guide for The New Investor.pdf pdf 1,941,716
    Wealth Intelligence Academy - Mobile Home Parks.pdf pdf 14,617,696
    Wendy Patton - Investing in Real Estate With Lease Options and Subject-To Deals.pdf pdf 2,324,760
    William A. Lederer - The Ultimate Landlord Handbook.pdf pdf 4,806,404
    6 Week Negotiation Series – Online Training
    Alan Cowgill - 4 Courses in 1
    Bill Duquette - Profits In Pretty Houses
    Bill Nasby - Effective Prospecting
    Bill Twyford - If I Do This I'll Have to Quit My Job
    Borino - Listing Expireds
    Brian & Lynette Wolff - Ron LeGrand - What to Say to Buy & Sell Houses
    Bronchick - No Money Down
    By Referral Only - Coaching Materials
    By Referral Only – The Main Event – Upload I
    Carly Crutchfield - The Property Development DVD Homestudy Course
    Carly Crutchfield - The Property Development DVD Homestudy Course 10 CDs MP3
    Charrissa Cawley - Real Estate Power Investor
    Columbia University - Real Estate Finance I
    Columbia University - Real Estate Finance III
    Craftsman Book Company - National Construction Estimator 2009
    Craftsman Book Company - National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator 2009
    Craig Forte- Million Dollar Agent Tool Kit
    Cris Chico - Virtual Wholesaling - Make $5k to $15k month Wholesaling Houses from the Internet
    Crosslink funding - Short Sale Analyzer
    Darin Garman - 7 Figures In 7 Weeks - R.E. Private Money GB
    Dean Engle - How to Calculate Returns when buying Defaulted Mortgages
    Dean Jackson - Finding Getting and Selling Listings
    Dwan Bent-Twyford and Sharon Restrepo - Turn $10 Into $10,000 In 30 Days Or Less
    Gee Dunsten & LeRoy Houser - Street Smart Selling - 4 CDs, Workbook Manual
    Greg Pinneo - Remodeling & New Construction
    Heather Seitz - Motivated Seller Marketing
    Heather Seitz-Reo Blueprint
    Isucceed - Real Estate Agent Training
    J. Scott Scheel - Advanced Market Analysis for Commercial Real Estate
    James & Joseph Bridges - Craigslist Mastery Program
    James & Joseph Bridges - Real Estate Lead Follow-up System
    Jason Hartman - Creating Wealth
    Jennifer Allan - The Savvy Prospector
    Jim Fleck - Fast Profit Wholesaling
    Joe Crump - Push Button Method
    Joel Bauer - The Millionare Originator
    Joel Bauer M
    John Hamilton - Words That Work For Today's Real Estate Agent
    John Schaub - Buying & Creating High Yield Notes
    John Schaub - Buying Houses In A Changing Market
    John Schaub - Buying Property From Owners & Lenders in Distress
    John Schaub - Landlording Single Family Homes
    John Schaub - Making Good Deals In Bad Times
    John Schaub - Making Money With Investors
    John Schaub - Using Lease Options to Buy and Sell Property
    John Ulmer- Huge Profits From Private Lending
    John W. Reilly - The Language of Real Estate - License Exam Prep
    JP Moses & Alex Jounblood-22 Wholesaling Tricks
    Karen Hanover - Commercial Foreclosures & Short Sales
    Keith Cunningham - 1 Million Dollars In 18 Months
    Lee Salinas - Real Estate Business Plan
    Loan Officer Store - Loan Officer Boot Camp
    Lois Vitt - 10 Secrets to Successful Home Buying and Selling Using Your Housing Psychology
    Loral Langemeier - Real Estate As Leverage
    Lou Vukas - Commercial Property Fortunes
    Marco Kozlowski - The Making Big Fat Checks In Luxury Homes Bootcamp
    Mark Bradley Real Estate Web 2.0 Secrets
    Mark Maupin - Creating an Exit Strategy - The Lease with Option to Buy
    Mike Collins - Confessions of a Real Estate Wholesaler
    Mike Collins - Hard Money Made Easy
    Mike Collins - Wholesaling Houses for a Living
    Mike Ferry - 2008 One On One Real Estate Seminar - AUDIO ONLY
    Mike Ferry - Showing Agent
    Million Dollar Agent Tool Kit
    Module 1
    Module 2
    Module 3
    Module 4
    Module 5
    Monica Main - Apartment Building Cash Flow
    Monica Main - Commercial Real Estate Birddogging Cash Flow 2010
    Monica Main Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow
    National Construction Estimator 2009 ISO
    National Plumbing And HVAC Estimator 2009
    Patrick Riddle & Trevor Mauch - Private Money Blueprint
    Phill Grove - 12 Ways to Get Paid on Every Real Estate Deal
    Preston Ely - Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom 2010
    Preston Ely - Wholesale Coaching Group Calls
    Ray Alcorn - Deal Maker's Guide to Mobile Home Parks
    Ray Alcorn - Dealmakers Guide to Commercial Real Estate
    Real Estate Advertisement Templates
    Real Estate PSD Templates
    Real Estate Secrets - Bird Dog System
    Rehabbing for Fun and Profit
    Richard Roop - Killer Conversations - Real Estate Investing
    Ron LeGrand - Lead Selling Machine
    Ron LeGrand - Turn $10 Into $10,000 in 30 Days
    Ron LeGrand Millionaire Maker
    Ron LeGrand Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire Maker Boot Camp
    Russ Whitney - Millionaire Real Estate Mentor
    S.I.M.S. Part 3 by Greg Clement and Jeff Walker
    S.I.M.S.™ by Greg Clement and Jeff Walker
    S.I.M.S.™ by Greg Clement and Jeff Walker Email auto responder reports
    S.I.M.S.™ Part 2
    S.I.M.S.™ Part 2 by Greg Clement and Jeff Walker
    Sal Buscemi - How to Legally Steal Money from Banks
    Sam Bell - Virtual REO Investing
    Scott Meyers
    Scott Meyers - Self Storage Investing
    Scott Scheel - Advanced Market Analysis with Resources
    Stacy Kellams - How to Work with Virtual Assistants
    Stacy Kellams - Seminar on Buying Probate Properties
    Steve Bergsman - Maverick Real Estate Financing
    Steve McKnight - 3 Day Mega Property Investing Conference 2010
    Strategic Real Estate Coach - Short Sale Success Blueprint
    Stupid Proof
    Susan Lassiter-Lyons - Bulk REO Secrets
    T.J. Marrs- living freeand clear Prelim
    Than Merrill - Raising Private Money
    TheGeneTen - Real Estate Guru Series Volume I
    Todd Bates- 55 Email Templates
    Todd Bates- craigslist marketing mastery
    Tom Hopkins - Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate
    Trump University - Tax Lien Home Study Course
    TVBZ Real Estate Guru Series Volume I
    TVEX - DC Fawcett - Agent Referral Money Machine
    TVEX - DC Fawcett - Shortsale Foreclosure Wealth System
    Vena Jones & Cox Missy McCall - Real Estate MBA Ultimate Business System
    Wiley.Real.Estate.Development.And.Investment.Jun.2 009.eBook
    William Barnett - Are You Dumb Enough To be Rich - Update
    William Bronchick - Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down

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    do you have
    joe mccall's wholesale lease options course
    john fedros mobile home formula
    john cochran wholesalingmastery

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    Yes Sir, How can I help you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pariscraze View Post
    do you have
    joe mccall's wholesale lease options course
    john fedros mobile home formula
    john cochran wholesalingmastery
    Please make a topic here for the requests you have:

    Best of luck

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    Yes Sir, How can I help you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pariscraze View Post
    do you have
    joe mccall's wholesale lease options course
    john fedros mobile home formula
    john cochran wholesalingmastery

    Try to search bar at the top right please.

    I've used it, and I found these results:


    I hope these help. Please get used to the search engine in the site, it will help a lot.


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    I just created a Real Estate GB in Group insiders please take a look I just created a GB real estate related, please pass it along its a great deal from Ron Legrand
    All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did. -LOA

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    Does anyone have the Main Event of By Referral Only? The file is no longer there. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkyle1991 View Post
    Does anyone have the Main Event of By Referral Only? The file is no longer there. Thanks
    Does anyone have the Main Event of By Referral Only?

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    Hi Neo and bkyle1991
    Here You Go

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    I'm trying to get:

    isavelink tells me I need to upgrade but I don't see how. Does anyone have the push button method (the latest version)?

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    Post Susan_Lassiter-Lyons Bulk REO Secrets

    Hi I am trying to get Susan Lassiter-Lyons course Bulk REO Secrets from isavelink but its not downloading. Can anyone help. I hope I posted this at the right place

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    Quote Originally Posted by opatrick View Post
    Hi I am trying to get Susan Lassiter-Lyons course Bulk REO Secrets from isavelink but its not downloading. Can anyone help. I hope I posted this at the right place
    Isavelink was completely corrupted a,while back. You may want to try to find out if this is on the new torrent site set up for feedurbrain.

    as for the specifics of this course, this is a bit dated for the current status of our market. REO has become a completely different game. Back when this was released, banks were flooded with reo properties. So getting bulk deals like this was realistic. Now, banks just don't have the inventory of these reo properties like that.

    they are still there, but the chances of there being large blocks of them which you could pick up in bulk is much less.

    but here is the secret to finding and getting these rare deals, focus your reo strategy on small and truly local banks. Call up and ask for the person in charge of bank owned properties. Explain to that person that you are interested in buying anything they have. Keep in contact with them every few weeks. Build a relationship with each of them through periodic calls and emails.

    then, and this is the most important, when they bang you a deal that works for you, execute it all the way to purchase. At that point you move towards the front of their mind before other investors and can get first crack of deals.

    oh, but most importantly, if you are planning on wholesaling these deals, you MUST have a big list of REAL buyers before you ever get a bulk real estate deal or that baby will crumble right before your eyes.

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