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Thread: Real Fast Stock Images Tony Laidig and Daniel Hall

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    Real Fast Stock Images Tony Laidig and Daniel Hall

    “How To Create Passive and Residual Income From Stock Images Real Fast…”

    Even if You Are NOT a Photographer or
    Don’t Know How to Use Photoshop…

    Sales Page:
    Info about the product:

    Here’s a juicy secret…
    Did you know that there are a handful of people out there quietly KILLING-IT selling their images at dozens of stock photo sites?
    Now what I’m about to say is really under-the-radar…

    Many of these folks are using – scoot in closer – public domain images!

    Surprised, aren’t you? Well, guess what? Nobody is teaching this stuff… until now!

    That’s what we’re going to be teaching you
    in “Real Fast Stock Images”…

    How to create and sell stock images… that can potentially sell for years into the future!

    And for those of you who may not know public domain images are – here’s the story

    Public domain images refer to images that are ‘publicly available’ and not covered by copyright. You can use these images in any way you wish without asking for permission and without paying any royalties. Really! That’s the law.

    This means that you can add to them, subtract from them and modify and use them in any way you see fit.

    Now you may naturally be asking, if anyone can use them – they are in the public domain after all – why would people buy them from you on a stock photo site?

    Here’s the two-part answer:

    • People can’t usually find the public domain images that suit their needs and most people don’t understand public domain images or how to determine whether an image is in the public domain or not (you’ll soon know though).

    • When you make significant modifications to public domain images they become “derivative works” which are thencopyrightable as brand new images. In other words, the newly modified image is not in the public domain and YOU own the copyright on it.

    Pretty cool, huh?
    But here’s another remarkable thing (in case you were wondering)…

    You don’t have to be a photographer or even own a camera to exploit this opportunity.
    Of course, we will show you how to make money with a camera too, if you are so inclined, but the point is you don’t need one to make money creating and selling stock images.

    Here’s a brief look at what we’ll show you in RFSI’s…

    • The top 10 money making stock photo sites. There are probably hundreds of these sites out there but we’ll show where the serious money is made;

    • How to determine which types of images are selling, where and for how much;

    • How to create images with a high sales potential USING PUBLIC DOMAIN IMAGES;

    • Little-known, low-profile sources of public domain images that are virtual treasure troves;

    • How to use your digital SLR camera (if you have one) and what kinds of pictures to take with it for best success on the stock photo sites;

    • How to upload your images to the stock photo sites;

    • How to use paid programs like Photoshop and free programs like Gimp Shop to create your stock images;

    • How to write effective image descriptions so you sell more images;

    • The crucial job of adding the best keywords to your images so they get found on the search engines;

    • How to get your images approved for sale by the stock photo sites;

    • Selling to the lucrative nostalgic and “grunge” markets;

    • How to sell to scrap-bookers, website designers, graphic designers, and hobbyists;

    • Exploiting sales channels like Etsy, Zazzle and Cafepress;

    • Promoting your images in unique, evergreen and set-it-and-forget-it ways; and

    • How to outsource your image creation (plus, the secret to paying $300 per month to a highly-skilled, full-time worker).

    197$ + FUB Fees + FTP Fees + Paypal Fees


    A Must Read GB rules : ( not following them might make your
    payment as a donation to the site )


    The idea to make reality this Group Buy like you know the feedurbrain rule is to have a product of 497$ at least, so if you like to have this, and you know another products that complement the 497$ final price related to this area we could make it real.

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