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Thread: WSO - Jonny Andrews - Perfect Publishing System For Kindle

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    WSO - Jonny Andrews - Perfect Publishing System For Kindle

    What you're about to discover is the last Amazon Kindle publishing system you'll ever need. It works in every market, with any original, quality book and can easily be used by beginners to quickly launch a successful publishing business or by seasoned veterans to repair stagnant sales of old, dead books...

    Virtually nothing in this course has ever been shared with the public and is literally responsible for my own publishing success including the creation and release of over fifteen #1 bestselling titles that continue to float in the top 10 of their niches, generating sales day after day after day.

    Video 01: How To Instantly Grab The Best Markets & Win Over Oceans Of Red-Hot Buyers

    5 Deadly Mistakes You MUST Avoid At All Costs...
    How To Get Started And Make A Killing Almost Instantly...
    How To Laser Target Massive Pools Of Buyers...
    Exactly Why Your Books Don't Sell And How To Fix Them...
    Never Before Seen Niche Marketing Tactics That Actually Work!

    Video 02: Questions That Virtually Print Money (100% NEW Marketing Tactics)

    Discover Success Is As Simple As Answering This ONE Question...
    The Big "Oops" Getting 99% Of Publishers Slapped And How To Avoid It...
    Your “Golden Niche Nugget” And Why It's The Cornerstone Of Your Income...

    Video 03: Tools & Tactics To Instantly Transform Your Books Into MEGA Goldmines

    The EXACT BLUEPRINT that I used to Select The Ultimate Money Niches...
    The 4 Minute Secret To Leveraging Amazon Into Giving Up Its Secrets
    The ONE Niche You Must NEVER Publish In And Why It Can Make You Go Broke...
    Tap This Massive Evergreen Market Making Money Hand Over Fist...
    How To Avoid Sloooooow Markets And Instantly Step Into Speed Publishing...

    Video 04: The REAL Kindle Sales Ecosystem Exposed! Never Before Seen Look DEEP Into The 3 Versions Of The Kindle Buying System

    Discover The Most Powerful Publishing "Blueprint" And How To Use It And Cash In Over And Over Again...
    How To Sell More Books To More People WITHOUT Hundreds Of Titles...
    Unlock The Stupid Simple But Totally Overlooked Power Of "Grouping"
    How To Turn 1 Small Book And Turn It Into Many (Legally!)
    Get The Exact Resources To Have You Up And Running In Under 24 Hours...

    Video 05: How To Transform Your Pen-Name Into A HUGE Money Maker

    How To Leverage This Single Overlooked Tactics Into Eternal Sales...
    EXACTLY How To Build Trust With Your Readers So They Buy More Books...
    The "Instant Identification" Method For Automatic Buyer Bonding...
    The 3 Vital Factors You MUST Have In A Penname In Order To Succeed...
    Get My Free & Simple Resources To Produce Perfect Pennames Ever Time...
    How To Identify And Avoid The Deadliest Mistake Made By EVERY Struggling Publisher...

    Video 06: Unlocking The REAL Holy Grail Of Kindle Sales!

    Why Keyword Research Is Actually A HUGE Waste Of Time And What You Should Be Doing Instead...
    The Biggest LIE About Keywords And How You Can Cut Your "Work" Done By HOURS
    How To Create Titles That Cause Buyers To Freak Out
    Unlock The Most Shocking Truth About Titles... Once You Know This You'll Never Be Without Sales Again...
    100% Amazon Approved Methods For "Cutting In Line" And Exploding Your Exposure
    What Is An "Amazonian Backlink" And How To Have Them Shoot You To #1...

    Video 07: How To Effortlessly Launch Your Kindle Empire - Hands Free Tactics!

    The 2 Most Powerful Methods For Exploding Your Sales From GO
    Discover The Amazing "Book Linking" Tactic And How To Turn It Into A Sales Machine
    Avoid This Deadly Mistake Currently Being Made By Almost Every Publisher (If You're Guilty You WILL BE Banned From Kindle!)
    The Single Publishing Tactic Proven By HUNDREDS Of Authors To Be The Fastest Way To Sell THOUSANDS Of Copies Of Your Titles...

    Video 08: How To Quickly & Easily Design Covers That Sell

    Discover The Top 3 Elements Every Successful Cover Has And How To "Absorb" Them Into Your Business...
    Live Examples Of What You Should NEVER DO Or You Will Kill Your Sales
    The 1 Tactic You Must Use In Order To Guarantee Readers Buy YOUR Book
    Watch Live As I Expose Shocking Examples Of Published Books That Should Be KILLING It But Are Screwing Up HUGE!

    Video 09: Rapid Hands-Free Book Creating That Actually Works

    The ONE Mistake You Must Avoid At All Costs
    How To Use Ghostwriters And Avoid Nightmare Situations
    My Personal 3 Favorite Sites For Saving Money & Getting Quality
    Swipe My Personal, Proven Job Posting Template

    Video 10: Copy/Paste Simple, Hands Free, 100% Original Content Getting

    How to use my personal job description to weed out problem workers
    Phrasing You MUST Use To Save Over 75% On Every Job!
    How To Protect Yourself From Having Your Books Stolen...

    Video 11: Ultimate Sales Elements You CANNOT Succeed Without

    How To "Redeploy" Your Titles, Each Time With More And More Kindle Sales Juice
    Discover The Single Most Powerful "Proof Element" Everyone Can Obtain That Guarantees You'll Get Better Sales|
    Exactly How To Easily Layout Your Description To Instantly Boost sales

    Video 12: Secret Buyer Doubling Techniques

    How To Get Your Books Published Fast
    Exactly What To Do To Make It Hassle Free
    How To Leverage The Powerful "Straddle" Technique To Double Your Buyer Traffic Instantly

    Video 13: Your Ultimate Power - How To Use The "Pulsing" Technique To Blast Your Titles To The Top Of The Bestseller Lists!

    Exactly How To Leverage 100% Amazon Approved Sales Boosting Strategies
    This Can Put You On The Bestsellers List In Under 48 Hours When Used Correctly
    How To Time Your "Pulse" For Maximum Effect
    How To Easily Coordinate Title "Pulses" To Double, Triple Even Explode Your Sales By 100x Or More...

    So how much for this seriously powerful, all inclusive step-by-step group of videos?

    Well in a few, short days this will be pulled off the forum and sold for $1,997 via webinar so if you want to get it GET IT NOW! (And yes, if you're wondering, the value is MORE than there)

    For Warriors ONLY, And For ONLY A Few, Short Days
    Join the files with Free-File-Splitter v5 & extract with WinRar
    Password: Golden_Plaza
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  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    Thanks - as usual - csaby. Another great find!

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    He has two versions of this, the basic and the advanced, which is this?

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