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Thread: How to design mobile app without coding knowledge

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    How to design mobile app without coding knowledge

    Hey guys,
    I wanted to start another thread hoping that you will find it useful and hopefully there will be some activity in this MMG. We should not wait for our weekly conference call with our questions, dilemmas, interests, etc since each of us will barely have a time to say anything in few minutes allocated time. This private forum thread and our Skype chat should be our main communication channel.
    Anyway, let's talk about outsourcing or finding someone to develop your application. I will use iPhone app example since this is area where I am focused on.
    There are quite few outsourcing sites, like
    Code: (former
    where you can go, register for free, post a project, and get programmers to bid for your project and tell you how much money they need to complete the work. I would suggest that you poke around and see what kind of project people are posting, you might get an idea or two from there because some people put a way too much details in project description
    There are few rules when posting a projects like
    • Make project post as general as possible, so your idea is not stolen
    • Put code word at the end of your project description, like "please respond with keyword apple when replying to this project". You would be surprised how many contractors/agencies are responded on every single project without even reading description. Your name is precious and you don't want to deal with people who don't bother to read even project description
    • Always ask for example of previous applications designed by a candidate so you can see what they are capable of doing
    • Look for positive reviews and experience on certain site like 100 hours on odesk, etc. It is possible that you come across new guy on odesk but with significant experience on elance. You can go and check his profile there
    • Narrow down to 5 contractors or agencies (if you deal with agency, make sure you can have single point of contact with personal contact information, not agency one) and invite them to Skype chat and/or audio/video call
    • Prepare detailed description of your project. Now it is time to explain as much as you can to your potential designer what do you want him/her to do. Be prepare to raising their original price if project got more complex. If you are not sure if your app is feasible or not, this is a way to find out
    • Some sites require to select range of how project is worth like between $250 and $750, between $750 and $1000, etc
    • Some sites like odesk give you chance to see screenshots of contractor's screen if you select to hire them by hour vs lump sum
    • Save all Skype chats in safe place. I had situation when I had to fire my contractor since he lied to me about having skills to complete important part of the project. When we came to that point, I realized he does not know. Since I paid him deposit (it is kind of mandatory, not sure if you can negotiate with contractor otherwise), I asked him to give me money back. He refused, I had to escalate with odesk and I got my money back since I have screenshot of our chat where he said he will do it. Be aware that each Skype chat participants can delete his messages so make sure you take screenshots of whatever is important.
    • Go with your guts when decided who to hire. It takes time to build a good team, sometimes you have to go through few contractors before you find a good one.
    • Have diagram prepared which will describe every possible feature in your app. The more precise and clear you are, the better job your contractor will do. Be aware of cultural differences, and provide as much information as you can.

    Any questions, let me know
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  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    Module 5 is up first half is up and the deconstruct reports too!
    And the Outsorce Force! We've up-to date with everything. Thank you, admins!

    Listened to Trey Smith's webinar less than an hour ago - on the Project Zero program platform, including the demo he showed live.
    He will not sell it, that's clear. You only get it as the bonus to buyers of Chad Mureta's course.

    It is handy an will allow to produce games at incredible speed! And export to iPhone, iPad, Android!
    But there is a cost. The games are on the simpler end (similar to appmaker), with one screen, but still enabling a lot of customization - music styles, custom made moving backgrounds, laws of physics.
    Obviously, you still need a designer.

    As Trey put it - it's meant to give you a good market presence and time to find a good programmer while doing it. My guess - it could be cloned for $4-5K. Maybe we make a group effort for this?

    As I remember, one of us wanted to join Chad's course. If he happens to go via Trey's link, which would be smartest way, and give it to us for reverse engineering, it would shorten ythe learning curve and bring the cost down. Cart is open till Sunday.
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    I see the only way for you in this case: you have to deliver the mobile app development to others. So you will have no need in writing code by yourself. Trust professionals. You will focus on your current tasks and ideas and collaborate with programmers who can make your ideas become alive.

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