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Thread: [GET] Public Domain Code -Book

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    [GET] Public Domain Code -Book


    Since diving into Yanik and Fladlien's Public Domain products, I've been really taken with the enormous opportunity within the Public Domain arena. After much digging around, believe it or not, there is a expert in the Public Domain space who's research is way beyond any I have seen so far. This Public Domain expert is called Tony Laidig and he's known for writing 'The Public Domain Code Book'. Alex Mandossian mentions him repeatedly in his podcasting course as THE expert on Public Domain.

    Getting to it...

    This is a link I found online where you can download The Public Domain Code Book version 1 and version 2 - it also gives the login details for a teleseminar and video course he created that is really hot stuff. The books alone are simply awesome!

    As always - if you get value from the course, I would highly recommend investing in this authors products - they really are THAT good!

    Let us know the hidden gems you find and click 'thanks' if this helps you!

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    I thought at first this was "code" like in computer engineering... a directory of free software that programmers could use. My mistake! Turns out it's about how to find copyright-free materials of all kinds that can be resold for a profit. Can this thread get moved to the Sales & Marketing forum?

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